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Our inventory of domain names includes, and since we have no immediate plans to develop it, we are willing to sell it. If you are seriously interested in acquiring the domain name, please complete the "Submit Your Offer" form. is a great domain name - very easily remembered and it can be used in any number of businesses or even for a blog...from a marketing standpoint, it has unlimited potential. MD could refer to an actual doctor, or perhaps even an individual who is a "Dr." of SQL (the special-purpose programming language designed for managing data held in a relational database management system ).

Submit Your Offer: all of the fields are required, with the exception of the "Message" area. The Message area is where you can provide additional information, for example, telling us your extension number, or giving us an additional phone number, or asking that we "call me between 10am and 5pm USA West Coast time" or telling us that you "also need a website" or "need hosting."

Note: Please do not waste your time submitting a frivolous, unreasonable and disrespectful offer. We are not in any hurry to sell and we will only consider market-value offers. This is not an auction or bidding situation; we will sell this domain to the first person to make a reasonable offer. Frankly, we will not even acknowledge receiving an offer that we consider to be insulting or unrealistic. Please keep this in mind and, if you would truly like to own the domain name, make a serious offer.

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